Turkey is a Muslim country, Eid al-adha (feast of sacrifice) has been done for centuries in the name of religion. One of them is Ramadan, this ceremony is a celebration of the end of Ramadan.

In the Religion, Eid al adha (feast of sacrifice) is the story of Abraham and his son Isaac. In Isaac's youth, Abraham was commanded by God to offer his son up as a sacrifice in the land of Moriah. The patriarch traveled three days until he came to the mount that God told him of. He then commanded the servants to remain while he and Isaac proceeded alone into the mount. Isaac carried the wood upon which he would be sacrificed. Along the way, Isaac asked his father where the animal for the burnt offering was, to which Abraham replied "God will provide himself a lamb for a burnt offering". Just as Abraham was about to sacrifice his son, he was interrupted by the angel of the Lord, and he saw behind him a "ram caught in a thicket by his horns”, which he sacrificed instead of his son. For his obedience he received another promise of numerous descendants and abundant prosperity.

One day, my mom and I went to the village for the feast of sacrifice. In the morning my mother suddenly came to my room and said, " Now your time has come." At first I did not understand, and I said “What do you mean when you say my time comes?" Then, my mother took me to the garden. And she introduced me with a lamb that will be sacrificed for my sins and I was shocked, I said “I don't want anything from you like that.” My mother said, “I know but it is necessary to happen.” And I started to cry. In that moment suddenly I decided to photograph this ceremony of sacrifice.