I am a Turkish visual artist living and working in New York. My work examines ways of documenting intimacy, memory, and identity. I am interested in challenging photography's ability to reflect and compartmentalize the physical and the ethereal within rapidly evolving social landscapes and shifting human interactions. Therefore, I approach photography both as a physical entity -- the printed image -- and a fleeting gesture, which is the captured moment. In my work, I de-construct methods of capturing a subject and storing its printed version. If memories are fluid, unedited, and non-chronological according to Proust, why are photographs so pristine? 

Examining how memories function and how we perform acts of remembrance, I seek hidden narratives in orchestration of various images together. I find this attempt queer in terms of de-constructing the inherent process of production and conception of an entity, which, in this case, is photography. In my version, reality is distorted, imperfect and subjective, just like memories and how we internalize them. Just like a queer body, my images rebel against the norm and build their own versions of 'being.'

b. 1989